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They moved the boat at 4:45 AM on Tuesday morning. I was hoping they wouldn’t wake me. Since we now have nine crew members, surely someone else could hold that fender in the right place. We had to move to the other side of the dock so the repair guys could more easily replace our martingale.

God love ’em, they didn’t wake me. But later, even though Cap had officially given me the morning off, I got up and made bacon and eggs to go with the doughnuts and bagels she bought.

Though the galley was a bit of a mess, I opened my gun cabinet to find a surprise (which I call my gun cabinet because when the Princess was visiting she bought me a wooden pop gun, and that’s where I keep it, beside the mixing bowls). Someone had made a little tinfoil heart and stuck it to the inside of the door.

At breakfast I told them I missed them.
“That is not a good indicator of how your day went,” said Bly.
“Not true,” I said. “I had a great time. Can’t I miss you guys, too?”

Later in the day Rigby came through the galley to get coffee and he put one hand on my upper arm for a moment.
“What was that about?” I asked.
“I’m just glad you’re here,” he said.

The Night Off
Once again I had the night off, because a local elderly community was hosting a dinner in our honor. We went dressed in funnies, and broke off to sit at different tables with the goal of entertaining the people who lived there. I had flashbacks to visiting my grandparents before they died last year. All the old folks loved it when the young people came to spend time with them. It’s such a strange process, life to death. And it becomes so obvious at these places: you start out in a mini-house, but as you become less independent, you move to an apartment. Next there’s assisted living. Then hospice. Then you’re out.

I somehow managed to sit at the odd table that was not filled with people living in the community, but with some folks who lived nearby in Orient. Fortunately, I didn’t have to talk about the history or the design of our boat… though these are both subjects I should brush up on. I just talked about food. Budgets, menus, and my other life.

Before we left, the town’s godfather made yet another extravagant gesture: If I wanted, I could go and raid the stores of his restaurant tomorrow morning. (What!?!?!) If I were his chef, I would want to throttle him. But I’m not. I’m cooking for nine people on six bucks a day. I can’t wait!

Tuesday’s Menu
Eggs, bacon, doughnuts and bagels
I threw a bunch of leftovers together: I sliced the roast beef and mixed it with egg noodles to create a kind of stroganoff.
I made another roux, then added chicken and chicken broth. I took fried rice and put it in a baking dish, mixed it up with the chicken and then grated gouda on top.
Tossed salad
Chicken skewers
Pesto noodle salad with roasted veggies
Lemon bars