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Chicken Alfredo for dinner, with peas.

Thank god it was cooler this morning. When I got up to start breakfast, it was at least fifteen degrees cooler and the flies had cleared. As I put the finishing touches on the chilaquiles, the crew got the boat moving and we motored up toward the Detroit River. Sometime in mid-afternoon we hit Lake St. Claire, and just after dinner the horizon opened up and we were out on a lake again – this time Lake Huron. I racked my brain, but although I lived in Michigan for many years, I never remember seeing this lake. Now I can say I’ve seen all five. It’s the third one on our journey.

The big event of the day was when we called the mail boat over in the Detroit River and they picked up a care package that Smith and Cap had put together and delivered it to the Argo, which was just downstream of us at the time. The mailboat then reciprocated and brought us a piece of wood, called a French Fry, basically a mini 4×4 used like our spuds, to put between the boat and the dock. Smith said she guessed this was a pretty strange delivery for them.

“Actually, we’ve delivered stranger things today,” said the mailman.
“Like what?” asked Smith.
“Well,” said the mailman, as if reviewing the list of strange deliveries and trying to pick the strangest one. “We delivered a donkey.”
From the galley I could hear Captain Flash back at the helm, rolling into a fit of laughter.

Deutsch uses her teeth to bring down the halyard.

Lake Eerie lighthouse.

Thursday’s Menu
When we were at my folks’ place, my mom gave me a bunch of old tortillas. “These would be great in chilaquiles,” she said. And they were. Here’s what I did: fried the tortillas in a little oil; set them aside. Sautéed onions and jalepenos in the remaining oil; set aside. Cooked chorizo, added the onions and jalepenos and the tortilla slices back in, and tossed everything with cheddar cheese. Ususally there would be eggs stirred in, but I served them separately since Smith doesn’t like eggs.
Falafel sandwiches
Fetuccine Alfredo
Peas in butter
A white bean salad with artichokes, carrots, celery, parsley and jalepenosFrench bread
Spinach salad with cranberries, croutons, candied walnuts and apple slicesDessert
Electric energy cookies – but this time I added coconut and the walnut pieces from the bottom of the bag

Chilaquiles that would make my momma proud.
Chilaquiles, properly mixed.