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Today we head off for Rochester. We have three passengers onboard – as before, I will label them P1, P2, and P3. We’re expecting heavy rain and winds from the northeast. It’s a curse and a blessing all wrapped up in one. The crew is going to get soaked – but we’ll likely have the sails up, going downwind.

I just finished making breakfast – and I made my first successful Hollandaise onboard the Marlin… though not without a few swear words directed toward Ol’ Dies’ because of how slow the baked eggs were cooking.

Now I’m back at Bella’s, spending a few minutes to type this as they cut three loaves of that cheddar bread for me for the crew’s lunch. A rare treat. Now I gotta run back to the boat.

See you in the next port.

Wednesday’s Menu
Toasted English muffins, baked “poached eggs” in bacon drippings (truffle butter for Eve); Hollandaise sauce (!hurrah, I did it! and it came out so light and fluffy – way more magical than most of the ones I’ve eaten at restaurants) and ham

That wonderful cheddar bread from Bella’s – a last minute purchase before leaving – paired with different sandwich salads, a traditional chicken salad with red onions, celery, grapes, mayo, parsley, salt and pepper; an Asian pork salad with similar ingredients but with the marinated pork loin from a few days back; a roasted eggplant salad for Eve, with tahini and sliced anaheim chili peppers and parsley; and a few cheeses mixed together with hot pickled sweet chili peppers. Oh – and a fruit salad of strawberries, blueberries, banana, yoghurt, and toasted coconut. They devoured it.

Marinated, barbecue chicken in a homemade sauce; boiled new potatoes; corn on the cob; panzanilla (italian bread salad – delicious!); with barbecued shrimp for Eve.

Blueberry pies

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  1. Congrats on the Hollandaise! I miss cooking with you. I’m also enjoying reading about your authority issues. I remember having heated talks about ancient kitchen hierarchies, too. I respect and admire your principles, even when it seems quixotic. Love, A

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