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An unusually thick Dutch Baby.
Sometimes I have to marvel at what an amazing opportunity this is to see the world. Not the world in the sense of The five continents – though perhaps that would be the case on another boat, another route.But it still feels like an amazing thing, to see all these American port cities. To find out about their livelihoods, meet locals, shop at their markets. Tonight I went to take a shower at the shore head here in Duluth. Our shoreheads here are actually the dressing rooms for the local theatre, and tonight, the stage door was open and the stage lights were on, and I just couldn’t help myself.

“Good evening,” I said to thousands of no-bodies. “Tonight I am going to perform my one-woman play about a cook on a tall ship.” But then I got stage fright. Giggled. Walked away. I’ve never liked the limelight.

Still, how often does life present such moments to you? You just have to sieze them.

I haven’t been to Red Lobster since I was a kid,
but Harrison asked if I could make their biscuits.

Tomorrow we leave on another transit, to Marquette, Mi. I had really hoped to have another day in Duluth. I would have gotten a hotel room tonight, slept in a bed, swam in their pool. But I’ve got to make breakfast at 0700. Lately when daysail passengers ask about my job, I find my answer has changed. I used to say just that I loved it. Now I say that I’m a bit burnt out from the relentless pace. Then I say I love it. I can’t help wishing sometimes that we had a week off now and then. Maybe people would stick around longer. Maybe burn out wouldn’t be just a big issue.

Salad, with apples, candied slivered almonds, dried
cranberries, celery, grated asiago, and homemade croutons
tossed  with olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.

Monday’s Menu

Dutch baby – which turned out to be my thickest ever
Quesadillas and gazpacho
Not everyone ate or tried the gazpacho, but those who did agreed that it was yummy.
Steak teriyaki
Red lobster cheddar biscuits ( taken from:

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  1. Of the many reasons to love you, here are 3:

    1. Cook who makes Dutch Baby and goes above and beyond 3 times per dinner so everyone gets what they love.

    2. Seize the day mentality.

    3. That you would make a speech to an empty auditorium–even a short one…


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