Posted on: August 28, 2012 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been adrift a very long time. I was thinking today about how it’s been three years since I slept in my bed, the one I bought when I moved back to the U.S. in 2006. (Are there others like me? If you’re out there, give a shout!) I’ve been living out of a backpack more or less since I took the job on the Neverland in the fall of 2010, and off and on for many months before that. I’ve crashed at my friend’s place outside Philly many times. I’ve practically moved into my folks’ place in Michigan during the summers. I’ve slept at my sister’s house in Grand Rapids, on inflatable beds on floors in New York. Old family friends in Boston have put me up in their spare bedroom several times.

But I’ve decided that it is finally time to nest. In less than a month I plan to be in L.A. again, this time with all my belongings so it will be harder to uproot. I’ll get a boat and a small place. I’ll grow some vegetables and herbs in a little plot out back. People will come and visit me for a change. I will be couch-surfer no more.

For a few more weeks, though, I will be hanging out in Michigan. My parents and I will be watching my sister’s kids while she’s in China. We’ve got a whole schedule planned, including special kid-friendly meals.

Last night we made juevos rancheros on tortillas. Eggs over easy. Leftover salsa and beans. Eggs from the farmer’s market with big yolks. Tonight? Hamburgers!