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Lunch with the wayward cheese corn muffin.

Today was one of those perfect transit days. Good sailing. Cool weather. It’s hard to believe that it can be in the 60s on the boat, when somewhere on land it’s 80 degrees plus. We were heading along at a decent clip, At some point in the mid-afternoon we had swells of up to 5 feet.

I could tell Cap was disappointed again at lunch. I thought hard about what to make: I made pork, because I know she likes it; mashed potatoes, plain and simple; debated about what kind of bread-like thing and landed on corn because she ate the hush puppies a few nights back. But no cigar. She didn’t eat one because it had cheese in it. “What does she think this is a fuckin’ Mexican burrito?” I overheard her say.

Sunset over Superior.

Night Watch
After I’d gone to bed, Deutsch saw my light on and called to me through my curtain.
“Come and see the northern lights off the stern,” she said.
I put on a sweater and climbed on deck, but I was too late. Still, the sky was splattered with a thousand stars, and the lights far off on the horizon meant we were getting close to Marquette.

Thursday’s Menu
Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes (I didn’t use the same recipe as last time because I had no wheat germ; they were nowhere near as good)
Country style pork ribs cooked in barbecue sauce
Mashed potatoes
Cornbread muffins with cheddar cheese
Pasta salad
Cucumber salad
Pulled pork sandwiches
Salad with raspberries and avocado
Agradolce using carrots, beets, onions, currants and toasted pine nuts
Coconut macaroons from the Silver Palate cookbook… Quite easily the fastest dessert ever

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  1. Maybe Cap’s comments are a good way to get ready for Top Chef and Tom and Padma’s comments. By then you will just let it all slide right off!

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