Posted on: November 26, 2011 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0
Apple pie in the making

People always told me that when I grew older, my sisters and I would grow closer. It’s finally happening. Not because we have a lot in common: four people could hardly have come from the same womb and be so different. From our personalities to our world views, it’s like we were born on different sides of the continent.

We do share this, however: we love to eat. And this passion did come from our mother!

The thing that’s changed as we’ve grown older is a shared empathy. From the outside, each of our lives looks compelling and attractive, but we all know that no life is without its sorrows.

This Thanksgiving my parents were gallivanting around Florida in their motor home, and one sister was spending the holiday with in-laws, but my sister Rebecca and I joined my sister Robin and her family for the holiday. Rebecca is recently divorced; I was going through a break-up and Robin was struggling with one of her daughter’s undiagnosed learning disabilities. But we didn’t talk about these things. Instead we baked apple pie. Robin cooked a sumptuous turkey. Rebecca and I brought candied ginger carrots and my classic imitation Red Lobster biscuits. We did what so many families do on Thanksgiving whether knowingly or not – we comforted each other with food.