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Another ship in the fog.

In the morning when I got up to make breakfast, the boat was making the same gently swaying motion it makes when we’re on the hook. But I hadn’t heard us weigh anchor in the night. Later I found out from Smith that we had been drifting – and so had the Argo (learn more about the ship I call the Argo). In fact, we almost drifted into each other at one point. Imagine my surprise, not knowing she was out there, when I looked out the galley windows into the foggy morning and saw her silently floating there beside us, ghostlike. 

Together we made our way into Charlotte, a northern suburb of Rochester, the shot from the carronades ricocheting off the two jetties that flank the opening to the river. 

It’s hot here. I’m not sure it’s been this hot in the galley. Everyone warned me it would be like this in the lakes. Pshaw, I thought. But add a diesel stove to the mix, and it’s pretty unbearable. But then a thunderstorm came and poured down on us, and cooled everything down, and the crew put the awning up… I am pretty fond of the awning. It allows me to have the hatch open in extreme heat or rain, and keeps things cool.  

At some point during the storm I looked down below and saw Captain Flash getting sole towels out. “Hey, you’re back!” I said, wanting to hug her, but restraining myself. “I missed you,” I said.

After dinner, we met a few of the Argonauts. I think a number of them went out drinking with our crew, but I headed off to the AT&T store for a new phone. Hurrah!

Eve’s wrap.

Thursday’s Menu
Bacon and buttermilk pancakes. Pancakes is one item with which I’ve been playing it fast and loose… Yes, I’m guilty of using a mix. But as much as Krusteez toots their horn, every time I make them I think they feel rubbery and lack flavor. I’m about to go on a pancake hunt. This simple recipe out of Joy was far superior.
Lavash roll-ups with kielbasa sausage, sauteed onions and peppers (with oregano, mint, salt and pepper), tzatsiki with avocado, babaganoush and homemade sweet chili sauce
Fried rice and slow-cooked Asian beef BBQ wrapped in lettuce leaves