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The spellbound crew, watching the fireworks.

After the evening sail, we got a tour of the Schoonmaker, the big steam freighter we were docked behind. Their galley was awesome. Later, after dinner, Smith said we’d all been invited to the party on top of the She was worried about letting the kids loose with free alcohol, but took a chance.

Straus’s tacos at lunch. 

For a while we all sat on deck and played bananagrams, as the lawn beside us and the bridge above us filled with onlookers. In the water, droves of motorboats congregated around us. Smack dab in the middle of the river, four or five boats saddled up to each other, two of them on anchors. We were originally scheduled to sail that evening… That would clearly have been impossible. Then we dressed up and headed over to join the party. Other than the really awful musical choreography to the fireworks show, it was a lovely night.
Sunday’s Menu
??? I can’t actually recall…
Leftover carnitas tacos
Bahn mi
The newly formed crew of the Marlin.

Preparations for the party underway on deck.