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I sit on a dock right now, looking up a few recipes. We will stay in Bermuda less than a few hours.

The captain is not pleased with me today. He has been displeased with others, but not with me. One of the two real teenagers, Marcus, got off the boat before we ever left port. Apparently, Captain Wright yelled at him (I say apparently because I was not there) for standing on the dock and eavesdropping on a man’s conversation. According to other crew members, the conversation revolved around the man having seen someone jump from the river. Later, I heard from another crew member, a body was found. Apparently, the captain was not interested in Marcus’s reason for eavesdropping. I find this hard to believe, but again, I wasn’t there. In fact, I never seem to be anywhere nearby when the captain yells at people – which according to everyone else, is quite a lot.

But today I did disappoint him, and after thinking about it and rolling it over in my mind, I am having a hard time figuring out what our conversation was really about. I know I am partially to blame – I think primarily for not asking enough questions. When the head of the organization was onboard during our week in port in Boston, the mood was tense. I didn’t interact a lot with her or Captain Might, since neither seemed much interested in interacting with me. At one point Captain Might and the Philosopher reviewed the meal expectations – breakfast in two shifts, one for the oncoming crew at 7:30; one for the outgoing crew and the off-duty crew (aka., the sleepers) at 8 am. The same arrangement for lunch, two servings starting at 11:30 am; as well as for dinner starting at 5:30 pm. Breakfasts during transit were to be ‘hot’ and a midnight snack was to be served daily.

Before I left on my giant Costco run, the head of the organization explained to me that my budget was for 14 days times 18 people, at $5.50 a head (ie., $1386). I suppose right then, it should have occurred to me that we would be at sea for two weeks, but it did not. I asked if I would be able to re-provision in Bermuda, and she said yes. Captain Wright said she never would have said this because they don’t do that because it is expensive in Bermuda. Could I have imagined it? Does he think I’m lying? All I know is that I had originally anticipated a 7-8 day trip, and I think everyone I know has heard me use that number. (In the end, we actually made it in eight days – but that was a record-fast trip.. The trip was four days to Bermuda (we arrived on the 5th day at 6 am). And the night before we arrived, I overheard someone say we had seven days to go. I was shocked.

Today’s Menu

Blueberry, plain and chocolate chip pancakes
Potato Salad wraps for lunch with pickles and bacon bits
Italian sausages for dinner with sauteed peppers and onions, and provolone cheese for the vegetarians
Midnight snack of smores and macadamia nut cake