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I made the crew eat cereal for breakfast and scrambled to make their lunch before the boat left the harbor at 9 am. Two casseroles in one hour: roasted cauliflower, pasta, a sauce made with butter, milk, and cheddar cheese. Leftover hamburger meat (the last of it) in the meat version, mushrooms in the vegetarian one. I took an old English muffin and ground it in an old coffee grinder to make breadcrumbs for the top. Then I put the pans in the fridge and hit the road in an enormous old truck. While the crew motored to Boston (still no mainsail on the ship), I left to brave the wilds of Costco.

Out with the old, in with the new
In Boston Captain Wright was replaced by a relief captain, Captain Might, and the head of the non-profit organization which runs the boat began sleeping onboard as well.

When I arrived with my four hundred dollars worth of Costco booty, I found the crew had been blessed with lobsters. Though I was saddened to learn that they had not spared me one, Filip had started a broth with the shells. Serendipitously, he had only been able to cook it 10 minutes before they turned the generator off, so the broth was perfectly cooked – light and sweet. Most of the crew was heading into Boston for dinner, but for those who remained, I sautéed some onions and mushrooms, added a pack of Tom Ka Gai seasoning, sriracha sauce, lemon juice and leftover kale, and even the last of the carrot soup! Then I cut up slices of an unmarked fish from the freezer and dropped it in. I left lime wedges on the stove-top and headed off to explore Boston.