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The last two nights I’ve dreamt about a tiger. He runs at me as if to attack.  He roars, his mouth agape, and then runs away.  Everyone had strange and vivid dreams during transit, because you sleep badly – when you sleep. I moved to the lower bunk after the first night because I was afraid I’d get tossed out. Now that we’re at the dock, I’ve been able to sleep through the night again, but the dreams haven’t stopped.

Yesterday when I got back to the boat mid-morning to prepare lunch, I found a phone number on my cutting board. It could only mean one thing: Sugarbelle had been fired.

I looked around for someone who would tell me what had happened. Fortunately, Cat had either observed it or spoken with Sugar just afterwards.

The story was that the captains had pulled her aside after muster and told her that she wasn’t a good fit.

I like Sugarbelle immensely. She’s spunky and smart and has a lot of sailing experience. I was looking forward to her being Second Mate when Zeke leaves. I felt it would be good to have a female in the management and someone who didn’t kowtow to the management… But I suppose that’s what they want. If your way of working is never questioned, you never have to change.

First Day Sail

Today we are slated to make our first daysail with a group from Ashville, NC.  It will be my job to serve beers and rum punch. One thing I am not looking forward to: wearing that damned uniform – and having to tuck in my T-shirt (!).

On the menu: Mexican pepper casserole for lunch and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. (I’m almost out of fresh vegetables…)

Tourists onboard for our sunset cruise.