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When we’re at sea, the rest of the crew divides into watches. Two people on each watch except one, which has three.

Last night Smith had to man the watch with all the squalls. Sometime in the night when she came to do boat checks, I told her that it sounded like the boat was surfing.

It was rather calm this morning. At first muster Cap called the crew to raise the sails back up. We’d been going all night with just the staysail and the jib. Smith said she’d rather have dead calm than squalls any day.

We’re coasting along nicely, the sun is out and the water is sparkling. It’s a welcome change from storms and beating tacks. Everyone seems to have gotten their sea legs, too, yesterday having been enough to empty the guts out of even the most stalwart of sails.

He was warned
When our new first mate, Seth #2, entered the galley this morning he was singing the Mr. Roger’s theme song. As he opened wide the doors and the hatch, he asked if I minded. I said I just didn’t like to be cold, but we could see how it went.

Then, as he was about to go below to the main salon for breakfast, he asked about the strange green monster on the ledge across from the fridge.

“That’s so I can beat up on people who aren’t good eaters,” I said. “Smith’s mom gave it to me. Mamma Smith is a big fan of mine.” Then, realizing that might sound odd, I added, “I have a blog.”

“I know,” said Seth#2, “I’ve known Mamma Smith a long time. She sent me the link.”

Restless, cold sailors
We’re making good time. Though we ran smack into that cold front. I was cold in the galley and my fingers hurt unless I had all the windows closed and the door shut. It was crisp, but sunny.

I also got to steer today. I’ve always had a harder time when the wind is from the side, rather than from behind or in front. But it went okay. Mostly it just reminded me of how much I used to love sailing the Like Wow!

I'm the only one who loves this: orzo in chicken stock with asiago. Simple. Comforting. Delicious.
I’m the only one who loves this: orzo in chicken
stock with Asiago. Simple. Comforting. Delicious.

Today was good for thinking. A former lover has been on my mind. While doing the dishes we talked about last loves, and close doors. I thought to myself that it was of course always possible to try and open the door; it’s just that it’s messy and complicated and scary as hell.

We’ve become a sleepy, contemplative vessel. You can tell it’s time for us to find land. How funny it is that we long for transit, and then when we’re on it, we long to be finding ourselves ashore in some new landscape.

Cap said tonight that we’re 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey, 100 miles from Montauk, 130 from our destination. The motor is on. See what I mean? Restless sailors.

I’m going to bed with a hot Nalgene bottle and a sheet tucked inside my sleeping bag.

Saturday’s Menu
Waffles and bacon
I struggled with the stove all day. It took so long to heat everything, the oven never getting over 275, and the stove top never getting hot enough to boil. So the first watch had to eat cold pork sandwiches – nothing was ready. When it was time for the second watch to eat a half hour later, it was all cooked. By then only Smith and Bly joined me in eating the Choo Chee Fish curry I made.
Carnitas on tortillas, with lettuce, cheese, sautéed onions and peppers; mushrooms for the vegetarian; salsa and sour cream. They ate it up. I love that they love Mexican.
Electric energy cookies (with peanut butter. chocolate chips, oatmeal. crushed peanuts and coffee grounds.