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This is what I’ve been longing for – we’re finally sailing. I mean, really sailing. We only have three sails up, but we’re making good time. I started the day by spending some QT with Big Deez (my diesel stove). No chance of getting a run in, though I did have to go on a short walk to buy milk.

We had an hour or so of safety training and then departed Savannah at about 11:30 am. Shortly thereafter we fired our cannons on Fort Jackson, which guards the river, and I fed the crew lunch at about 12:45 pm.

We’re just hitting the ocean now, I can feel the waves hitting the bow. I don’t know yet whether or not I’ll have cell phone coverage when we’re eight to ten miles offshore. This may be my last communication for a while as we all begin to enjoy being at sea again.

Pineapple muffin-cakes, waiting for midnight-snackers.
Tuesday’s Menu 

Oatmeal, eggs and homemade bread
Garlic bread and simple pasta with a meatless carbonara… I got behind and forgot the ham! And the fact that Smith doesn’t eat eggs.
Ham and mashed potatoes
Pineapple cakes