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Greek Frittata
Greek Frittata

Because of the hangover on May 15th, I don’t remember much of this day. I know at some point Harrison said he didn’t get the fisheries job he’d interviewed for. We were all so hopeful for him. I thought he was a shoe-in. I mean, who wouldn’t hire Harrison? I feel bad for the guy.

Smith got an email from Seth #2 saying he was looking for crew to take his boat down to Bermuda. Sometimes don’t ya just wish you could be in two places at once? And after dinner she and I opened the batch of limoncello in order to give some to Captain Smiley, only to find that the stuff is… stro-ong. So we made a quick simple syrup and poured some in.

Surf-n-turf fajitas.
Surf-n-turf fajitas.

Saturday’s Menu
Cinnamon rolls that for some reason didn’t rise; Greek frittata with feta, green peppers and zucchini
Sandwiches on white bread, with chicken liver pate (not a big hit); leftover pork loin, leftover bbq pork, and all manner of fixins.
Fatasmic Couscous salad
Fajitas with skirt steak, chicken, sautéed red onions, bell peppers and zucchini
I also sautéed our lone squid in the fajita seasonings (cumin and oregano, salt and pepper) and then squeezed lemon juice over it. Delish.
More ice cream

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  1. You are one brave cook to try and serve Liver pate (which I love BTW). It is very under-appreciated!
    Hope all the supplies were OK! enjoy. We won’t be back to see you for many weeks.

  2. Supplies were awesome. Thanks Mamma Smith! Already tested out the maple syrup granules on the vegetarian scalloped sweet potatoes and goat cheese dish. It worked great.

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