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Monday afternoon we got a new crew member, Mr. Pink (so-called because he arrived looking neatly pressed in a pink shirt). Mr. Pink is my Dad’s age, and had intended to sail with us to Beauford. I imagine he must’ve been bummed when we cancelled the trip, but I’m impressed that he came anyway and spent all day Tuesday sanding the pinrails and doing other boatwork.

After my morning run, Cap’ informed me that we were invited for pizza at the home of our friends who had hosted the BBQ last week. I love days like this, when you suddenly have time to do things you’ve been putting off. By the time we left for pizza, I had baked a loaf of honey-wheat sandwich bread; made a new batch of pickled red onions; boiled eggs for pickled eggs and for a curried egg salad; baked lemon drop cookies; and brined two whole chickens.

The hole in the sole
I even finally organized my Tupperware cupboard, which I’ve been putting off. Funny story about that actually. Not long after I arrived I noticed that the lids to my containers seemed to go missing. When I went to investigate I found a crack in the floor of the cupboard, so I lifted up the plywood floor-plate only to discover a cavern approximately two-square feet wide by six feet deep! At the bottom I could see a half-dozen lids, and sticking out of a ledge several inches down I discovered a set of crutches… Though how anyone would actually have found them if we ever needed them is beyond me.

It made me think about the boat and its design, and wonder how many other pockets exist in her belly containing lord only knows what kind of lost or forgotten items.

Pizza night
Our gracious hosts entertained us for the evening with stories from their past and then we watched a film about a self-declared pirate named Sinbad who built his own boat in the suburbs of Detroit back in the sixties. He is still sailing it today and we would have exchanged cannon fire with him had we not changed our plans to go to Beauford.

I’m rather glad we didn’t go though. I like Wilmington more and more every day.

Tuesday’s Menu
Hash with ham and beets
Pasta primavera and no-knead bread with lots of cheddar cheese baked into and on top of it
Pizza from Slice of Life
Lemon Drops