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Quote of the day:
“I prefer ideas over plans. Because if an idea doesn’t work out, you can just change it.” – Rigby, on his ideas on how to get west once he leaves the boat in Ohio

Getting ready to make our next move
We’ve been waiting all day for the winds to calm. We’ve had a few projects to get done, too, like rigging up the new, temporary martingale. The crew was also busy patching up holes in the small boat after an incident yesterday morning during the move-the-boat maneuver. Rigby spent the day sea-stowing the boat, lashing down anything that might move or slide or come undone during our transit to Newport.

We are mustering tonight at 9 PM, with the goal of leaving directly thereafter. Eve says it’s not ideal, leaving at night, having to navigate through a minefield of crab pots in the bay, dealing with a leaky small boat. But at least the winds have calmed.

Free food
I didn’t get a chance to go to the restaurant, instead, the restaurant came to me. They brought 10 cans of beans, 8 boxes of various noodles, 3 boxes of rice-in-a-bag, 8 jars of spaghetti sauce, 6 bags of chips, 2 boxes of cereals, a ton of bottled drinks like Yoohoo and Arizona iced tea. They brought two huge casserole dishes with enough chicken parmesan and penne with sun-dried tomatoes and chicken to last us two days. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It was a ton of food. Then a new friend of Rigby’s came by with eggs from her happy chickens making me a happy sea cook indeed.

I spent the day starting the stove (hurrah! it worked like a charm), sea-stowing the galley, and repackaging meats and veggies so I could fit everything in the fridge. I put herbs in the food processor and then put them in the freezer. I made the pate that goes on Banh mi sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch. Then I made banana bread.

The pate, just out of the oven.

The Three-Banana Rule
One day there were three bananas turning brown in the fruit hammock. I threatened the crew that I would make banana bread with them if they didn’t eat them stat. They made each other swear not to eat the last three bananas. Now it’s a house policy: always leave three bananas in the hammock.

Wednesday’s Menu
Cheese eggs and a sausage/redskin potato/green pepper medley
Leftover doughnuts and bagels
White lasagna, one with hamburger and one with mushrooms
Carrot sticks
Chicken parm, penne pasta dish
Tossed salad
Banana bread

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  1. See you in Newport with some more supplies! Isn’t it a treat when you get donations? Better than Christmas!!

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