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Sometime after the crew had finished building a massive new gangway and but just before lunch, Rigby spied a guy walking confidently down toward the dock with a backpack. We all knew we were getting more crew before the upcoming transit to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, but we didn’t know anyone was coming today. I think our first reaction was, “Who does he think he is (because he’s not Bly!)?” But New Guy #2 was on the boat before you could say lickety split, was shown his bunk, given a set of funnies to wear and put to work. At this moment we’re underway on our day sail, and he’s already participated in taking up heaving lines and fenders and, for all I know, he’d joined every sweatpile on deck.

I don’t have a name for him yet, but it’ll come. He’s staying for three months – so New Guy #2 is definitely going to become part of our crew.

Out on the deck I can hear Rigby trying on the gunman’s speech for size. He makes a few outrageous gaffs (“Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… my speech!”), but he’ll settle into it. Just as happened yesterday, the sky has cleared just long enough for our sail. It’s a lovely day in the sound outside Marblehead.

My bread in a pot turned out particularly lovely today.
My bread in a pot turned out particularly lovely today.

Friday’s Menu
Bread pudding with dates and cardamom
Smoothies with applesauce, orange juice, yogurt, milk, frozen strawberries and blueberries, coconut, banana, vanilla and cinnamon
Red beans and rice (a veggie version too) (Before lunch Cap saw me making it and said, “There’s no ham hock in red beans and rice.” She lived in New Orleans once, so I trust her. But Emeril says… I told her she’d have to write down her recipe. But later, after lunch, she said, “You can make that again.” It was the first time she’d ever said that to me. I let out a big yahoo! Emeril’s red beans with ham hock
Bread in a pot
Carrot sticks
Apparently, the Chamber of Commerce has chartered the Marlin this evening and has invited us to take part in their meal. And again I say, Yahoo!
It’s Ms. Jane’s birthday, so I’m making Jean Georges’ molten chocolate cake.

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