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I found this message taped to the galley countertop when I got up to get coffee: there were four squid in the fridge.


Most days go by without much of a chance for me to step back, reflect and plan. I don’t think I’ve ever had a job that was so relentless. So constant. When I spring out of bed in the morning, I am sleeping as late as I can before having to put breakfast on the table. “Extra” time between breakfast and lunch is usually spent baking. Between lunch and dinner, I can usually snag a half hour to get out and use the shore head. But often I use it to reorganize my bunk, clean the galley soles, defrost the fridge, etc. There is always something to be done. At night, after dinner, there’s the coffee pot to fill. And if I am thinking ahead at all, there’s the bread starter to make, or I should be taking a meat out of the freezer so it can defrost in time for the next day’s dinner.

I love Mondays because it’s the only day all week that I can just think.

This Monday I wrote for a while, but never got to post it because Rigby and I got a ride into town with Mamma and Pappa Smith.

The first thing we did was hit the Seaman’s Institute for some nice, hot showers. My mother called when we were on our way. I told her it was our first hot shower in days. She said, “It’s good thing you’re in the same boat.”

My new, handy-dandy egg carrier.

The Right Shoes
We spent most of the day wandering around together. We found Smith, after she and her folks had said good-bye, and she took us to a place that has the best ice cream, with graham crackers in it. Then we followed her to the Salvation Army, where I made out big-time: I found a plastic egg carrier, to use for getting eggs (without dropping them in the bilge); a lovely old linen towel; a suctioned tupperware container and two t-shirts (one that reads: Everyone Loves and Irish Girl).

I also finally found my Newport apron at a cool cooking store.

The three of us rendezvoused with Bly and Ms. Jane the first mate for sushi for dinner, and then Ms. Jane and I walked the four miles back to the boat… this time I wore sneakers.

Monday’s Menu
Yoghurt with granola
Graham Central Station Ice cream from the Ice Cream Spa in Newport

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  1. I just back-posted photos of the one Harrison caught, on the post called, “The Last Time I’ll Make Them Liver” – since the second batch were caught Sunday night, I didn’t get a chance to cook them, but Harrison and Eve did and they were apparently as yummy as the first batch!

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