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What a day. Captain Smiley said a few days ago that we had a little extra cash in the crew slush fund and that we should spend it. I suggested we spend it on rib eye, and he agreed! So yesterday I had the butcher counter slice me ten 2-inch-thick slabs of beef. I walked across the street to the fish market and bought a whitefish filet for Eve and Butler (the latter likes meat, but for some reason, not steak…?!).

Storms flew in and out over the lake and dumped on us all day, threatening to rain on our barbecue parade, but just around 6ish, the rain stopped and the crew lined up to take fixings out to the picnic tables.

After everything was out the door and I was about to join them, ¬†Eve and I took a little pause and I vented about my future – a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I had just gotten an email from a captain of a boat in Los Angeles that I was hoping to work on in last November, but it didn’t work out. I said to Eve that who knew what the future would bring, but let’s face it, it was really unrealistic to think I might get on that new chef competition show I planned to audition for in Chicago.

Then the phone rang. “Hm,” I said. “I don’t recognize the number. But maybe I oughta answer it. Maybe it’s the captain.”

“That’s not a Los Angeles number,” she said. Though I have no clue how she would know this.
I answered. “Hello?”

It was the casting agency for the show. Did I really work on a boat? Did I go to culinary school? Had I worked in restaurants? And would I mind skipping the open casting call and coming directly to a call-back interview with her on Friday the 12th?

The dream of every tall ship cook.

Tuesday’s Menu
Hash with leftover short rib meat
Fritatta with leftover banh mi vegetables
Cuban sandwiches
Homemade garlicy dill pickles
Various salads and spreads and crackers
Ribeye steaks
Parker House rolls with wheat flour and molasses
Rice salad
Macaroni and cheese
Spinach salad with blue cheese, dried cherries and bacon bits

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  1. HOORAY for you!! Good luck, break a leg,etc., etc.
    We will all be excited to hear of your next adventure…hopefully on TV!

  2. Thanks you guys – we shall see soon enough whether I’m good material. I’ll be sure to whistle Happy Birthday to you two birthday girls on the way, for good luck!

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