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Apple-cinnamon oatmeal.
Apple-cinnamon oatmeal.

Our engine threw a belt at around 6 o’clock last night. An hour away from the Cape Cod Canal, we had to drop anchor and wait like sitting ducks until Eve could repair it. Fortunately, we had spares and she worked fast. Still, we couldn’t make the current we’d hoped to sail in on at 10 PM, so we scooted a little ways off and spent the night on the hook. Sometime around 4 AM, the crew rose and got us underway again. Bly got to steer through the canal, under Smith’s command. The two of them were pretty psyched this morning.

It’s been a foggy, cold day. Visibility at its worst was about .25 miles. We are pulling into dock now, and I feel a little bad, not helping. But they have plenty of hands on deck. I asked Smith where her period Foulies were, and she flipped me the bird. I think she would’ve flipped me the bird no matter what, but Cap is out there with nothing on but a frilly white shirt and vest. About ten minutes ago, it started raining.

Nevertheless, Bly got permission to load his largest charges yet. Because after we arrive in Marblehead, Bly will leave us. Seems like just yesterday when I was introduced to him in the foc’s’le, his arm halfway down into a gap in the boards, trying to rescue his cell phone. I think I speak for the whole crew when I say he will be dearly missed.

Sometime in Marblehead we’ll get our new captain, who will take over until the boat is through the St. Lawrence. Smith and Captain Flash have been talking about him for so long that he’s acquired a somewhat mythical status. I feel like I have to name him Zeus or something. He’s apparently strong as an ox, smart as a tack, and such a good sailor that Cap said she’d sail under his command anytime, anywhere.

Smith on the look-out.
Smith on the look-out.

Wednesday’s Menu
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon (I don’t know why I make oatmeal – they never eat it)
Blueberry muffins
Southwestern pasta, with kidney beans, chorizo, ground beef, veggies
Leftover lasagna
Bread in a pot
We’re getting a welcome dinner at The Landing!

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  1. This cracked me up b/c our two main breakfasts on the Denali climb were oats w/ fruit and Brown sugar and grits w/ bacon bits. Guess which one made us groan and which we fought over the last of?

  2. Make oatmeal cookies instead…they always eat them for breakfast (lunch, dinner, snack) and they almost have the same ingredients!

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