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If you know me well, you know I have sworn by my Calphalon pots for years. A wedding gift by someone in my ex-huband’s family (thank you very much, ex-relatives), I have used them well. I carried them piece by weighty piece in suitcases on each trip I made when I moved to Sweden, and then again, I carried them piece by piece back with me when I returned to the U.S. When I moved onto my grandfather’s boat, I took a cast-iron skillet and the four-quart Calphalon pot. Most of my pot and pans – excluding the large skillet – look brand new.

But until I boarded this boat, I had not been formally introduced to Le Creuset.  Today I used almost every pot when I made dinner. The set is heavily used and ten years old, but the pots are in amazing shape. They heat up instantly and keep the heat so well that I can throw dough in a pot and have it come out with a thick crusty shell that looks like it came out of brick oven – even though the oven temp is barely over 350 degrees. I also love how easy they are to clean.

The affair has a time limit; I know that after this six-month tenure, I will say good-bye and watch Le Creuset sail away. I will go back to my Calphalon, because I could never afford to replace it, and besides, it’s really been good to me. But for now – ah! how I love Le Creuset.

Tuesday’s Menu

Cheese grits and sausage
Spaghetti Marinara; freshly baked no-knead bread and salad
Pulled pork sandwiches
Homemade rolls
Potato salad
“BBQ” butternut squash for the vegetarian
Braised greens
Rice Krispy Treats

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