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My “apartment.”

Yesterday the old cook departed, and I moved into my bunk. It’s pretty exclusive. The other crew members call it The Apartment. My bunk is in the “pantryway” between the main salon and the galley. There’s a door to the main salon, so I can shut off the rest of the boat if I so choose.  And there’s a “head” (ship-speak for bathroom) in the pantryway, so I can even pee with the door to the head open if I want. Pretty cool. I also have a velvet curtain, a bookshelf and a cupboard.

Bread in a Pot
This morning I made biscuits and pitti panne (Swedish hash) for breakfast. Rigby had a friend staying over, another tall shipper, and she took us on a Home Depot run. I bought potted herbs which now sit on top the fridge.

For lunch I took the Italian roast I cooked last night and re-made it into sloppy joes by adding ground beef and ketchup and mustard.

In the afternoon we had our second sail, and while we were sailing I baked the no-knead bread that Allen sent me the recipe for back when I got on the Neverland. It is AMAZING. I made bread in a pot! It turned out gorgeous.

I might start making it every day. It is a hundred times easier than any loaf I’ve ever made – and a hundred times lovelier. You would have thought it was an artisan loaf.
My bunk is under the companionway leading down to the main salon.
At dinner our bosun, Kip, asked me what meat I had used in the enchiladas. I explained: “It started out as the beef butt I roasted last night with Italian seasoning. Then it became American today for our Sloppy Joes – and for dinner, I Mexicanized it.”
This is a new approach to leftovers that I’ve been testing: it’s the rollover method. In fact, they could be called Rollovers instead of leftovers. This way I’m sure nothing is sitting unused in the fridge because I find a way to integrate it the next day. Smart, eh?
In addition to the rollover enchiladas, I also made mushroom enchiladas, homemade tortilla chips, mango salsa, a salad with fennel and oranges, black beans and Spanish rice.
In the evening four of us trekked over to the Westin on the other side of the river and hung out, watching TV and taking showers.

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