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Dutch Baby for eight.
Dutch Baby for eight.

“Come quick if you want to see something amazing!” I hollered down into the fok’s’l. Bly came running in and I held out the iron skillet to him, the butter on top still sizzling.Today I made my first Dutch Baby in a long, long time. It was super easy and a huge crowd pleaser. I made it in the gigantic iron skillet I found hiding in a cabinet.

A Dutch Baby is first thing I learned to make properly – in Home-Ec class in Puyallup, Washington. I still have the recipe card somewhere. It’s pink… and all the i’s are dotted with hearts.

When I was working at Somewhere in Manhattan, there was a Dutch Baby on the menu and it took me back in time – to the days of Home Ec, and shop class and the day I chose the journalism elective over choir, forever giving up my career as a great vocalist. Little did I know, it was in Home-Ec that I should have focused my energies.

Friendship’s quandary
The more bound I become to this organism we call a crew, the more the fact of my blogging becomes complicated. They each have their own compelling and odd aspects to their personalities, which I exploit in my stories. Something about my role here, the fact that I feed them, makes me feel very motherly. Responsible. So I struggle with the feeling of duplicity, the more it goes on. Should I tell them? Should they know they are implicated? I told a few crew members on the Neverland, and I think that was wise – they became involved in the action rather than passive pawns to my story. It’s a tricky matter, though.

I almost told Eve tonight as we stood in the galley, me making hummus, the two of us talking, drinking whiskey and enjoying the warmth from the stove.But where does one begin? Do I say it off-handedly? They see me taking photos and kid me for documenting the dishes I’m proud of… Maybe it’s time I came clean?

Friday’s Menu
Dutch Baby; odds and ends of different meats – ham, sausages and bacon
6 oz. hamburgers, homemade fries as well as store-bought that I was trying to get rid of since I had to defrost the freezer tonight, and coleslaw
Thai green curry with potatoes; butternut squash in Penang curry; stew beef in chicken broth and a bit of soy for Cap’ with a baked potato (he didn’t eat the skin); rice; candied carrots, mainly for Cap’; and  Thai cucumber salad
I often forget about dessert or leave it until the last minute – which means I resort to dirty tricks like making rice krispie treats.

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