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Since we got to Chicago, I’ve been in overdrive. I haven’t had to make breakfast, which gives me plenty of time in the mornings to get up, run 5 miles, shower, and then get to work. Our first full day here, before lunch I had baked a new batch of granola, made honey-wheat sandwich bread for the weekend, baked buns for hamburgers (the meal that night) and made an afternoon snack of 7-layer bars.

That’s the other perfect thing about our schedule here: because we’re doing four sails a day, we take the lunch break at 2:30, and dinner at 7:30 pm. This gives me tons of time to do accomplish things. On Thursday I was able to skip the afternoon sail and go apply for a new passport, AND get a mani-pedi before the evening sail. Since I’d already formed the burgers, all I had to do was cook them off and make a tossed salad.

If I Told You, I’d Go Bankrupt
This has all worked in my favor since the main thing I’ve been preoccupied with since getting to Chicago has not been the crew (sorry, guys!), but the call-back I got for that new chef competition show – which was yesterday.

After my morning run, I looked through my wardrobe dejectedly – I didn’t bring anything to wear that I’d want to see myself in on television. If only I could bring my storage units with me like that gigabyte in the sky that Apple keeps for me, so I could just pull down my nice dresses and heels in a pinch.

So I chose the best options, applied a temporary artichoke tattoo for good luck (don’t worry, mom, it didn’t show), and headed off for my first professional hair cut in over a year. Shoo-hoo! What a lovely thing. I highly recommend Patrick at Robert Jeffrey if you’re in need of a haircut in Chicago. (Thanks, Turbo!)

So… you want to know more about the show? I can’t tell you. I honestly don’t know anything about it – but I’ve also signed an agreement under threat of a one million dollar fine if I leak anything. But I went through the motions, did the interview and … well, who knows? It was the kind of thing I’ve never done. (I never imagined I would want to be on T.V.) But now I’ve done it. It wasn’t that hard. Though I wish I’d talked slower. Like I said, I’ve been in overdrive.

So what do you do in Chicago after a call-back? Eve and I got root beer floats and then went on a hunt for a 10-cup French press. I brought Thai food from Star of Siam back to the boat, and then Buttons, Harrison and Eve and I (who all had the day off) headed back there for a relaxing meal of our own, with cocktails and good conversation and – great Thai food. When we got back, Harrison and I took a quick spin around the Ferris wheel (free for tall ship sailors!).

As we floated above the city lights, Harrison said he didn’t know about this big city thing. He preferred the smaller towns. But I was surprised how much I liked it: places to run and neighborhoods and parks to explore; great restaurants all around you; a Ferris Wheel to ride. Yep, I’ll take Chicago any day.

Friday’s Menu
A raspberry smoothie
A root beer float
Mee Grob (Crispy sweet fried noodles)
Thai salad spring rolls
Sum Tum (Papaya salad)
Fried catfish in a red curry sauce (delicious!)
Noodles in Thai gravy (not to write home about)
Chicken and broccoli in peanut sauce