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I woke up this morning realizing that tomorrow will be the last time I wake up in my bunk. I’m going to move out so the new cook can move straight in.

I’ve spent the last week trying to use up strange odds and ends of things. That mustard container I never found a lid for – best to use that mustard so she’s not like, “What is this?” Today I did something I never do: I threw out perfectly good pickling liquid. It just seemed strange that I would save it for her. Tomorrow I will pitch the can of bacon drippings on top the stove. And my menu today included Thai food, so I can use up my rice noodles and curries and coconut milk.

I’m trying to clear out the freezer so I can defrost it right before she gets here, and so she can restock it as she sees fit.

So far I think I’m doing well.

Today was Neb’s last day. I made my last hamburgers for the crew. Tomorrow I’ll make my last three meals. The Lasts are piling up.

Our afternoon sail was cancelled due to high winds and the crew was ‘stood down’ or, relieved for the day. This same thing happened a few days ago: the crew all got to laze around and do nothing the rest of the day, but yours truly has to get to work and crank out another meal. This situation annoys the hell out of me. Today it just sent me over the top. Really? No one offers to lend a hand to help me get dinner out so I can be relieved sooner as well?

I got dinner out on time. I think it tasted good. But I didn’t care. Usually, I know they are out there working hard and I’ll do whatever I can to make sure the meal is the best I can make it. But on days like today I feel like that hen in the parable when no one will help her make bread but they’re all happy to help her eat it. I left the boat as fast as I could and headed to Petoskey.

I might have told them how I was feeling, but what’s the point when I’m outa here tomorrow? One last day. Three last meals. Surely it’s the last time I’ll be mad at them, too.

Thursday’s Menu
Biscuits and gravy
Hamburgers and sweet potato fries with maple mayo
Phad See Ew (Thai flat noodles with broccoli)
Massaman Curry and rice

Walking back to the boat on the path from Petoskey to Bay Harbor, the sun setting in the distance, between the trees.

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