Posted on: March 21, 2011 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

At lunchtime I typed on my Facebook page that I had just watched the captain take the pimento cheese off his sandwich. Have you ever tasted pimento cheese? Besides being delicious, it’s totally innocuous. Not spicy. Not hot. It doesn’t even add much texture.

Kackan, my Swedish friend from the Neverland (my former boat), responded that I was cursed with picky eaters for captains. And it’s true. Though I really think I’m going to like our main captain, who’s on break right now, she doesn’t like… onions!!!

Sunday’s Menu
Cheese eggs (with parmesan, white pepper and cream); Mark Bittman’s banana bread with a hint of cinnamon added; and bacon

Pimento cheese sandwiches, roasted tomato soup (flavored with cumin); leftover mac-n-cheese; dilly beans and grapes
Ham and scalloped potatoes
Coleslaw (Bobby Flay’s recipe)
Chocolate chip cookies