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I awoke to find the stove had gone out. Probably one big gust slid down the inside of the staysail, and that was that. I cleaned it but did not light it… Though i might regret this by tomorrow morning since we just left the Gulf Stream and are hitting a cold front. The stove is our only source of heat – and although we have a backup water heater, it’s also what heats our water.

There’s a lot of weather out there. Some of the waves pounding us are smashing down into the galley. The soles are slick with sea water and anything slightly loose is banging up a storm. Though I went through and sea-stowed everything before we left, I had to do some rearranging today, and stuff a layer of rags between the glass bowls and another between the cutting boards. Without Ol’ Dies, my only cooking options are the hot plate and the convection oven. The hot plate is a joke in these seas. I’d basically have to hold the pot on it the whole time – and if I lost control because I couldn’t keep my balance, it would be a disaster. So I made everything in the electric oven.

Today Bly said he recorded our fastest speed ever and didn’t realize it until Smith asked him: 14.1 knots.

Apparently there are possibilities of tornadoes and strange stuff tonight. I can hear the rain just starting. It’s going to be messy on deck.

Thursday’s Menu
Yoghurt, fresh strawberries and delicious pecan sticky buns. Thanks Abby!
And thanks Barbara Hersberger (The
Other Bread Bible’s writer.)
Sandwiches on freshly baked bread; leftover lasagna
Pork loin in teriyaki; sweet potatoes with maple mayonnaise; salad; bread-in-a-pot
Pineapple cakes