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I always keep a rope across the galley doors, because coast guard regulations don’t permit people to come inside, and because it would be a real pain if visitors kept getting underfoot while I was cooking. I had not yet put the rope up after lunch today when this creepy guy got onboard and stepped boldly down two steps and plunked himself down.

This was not the first time he’d paid us a visit. I thought he was creepy the first day. The second day, I couldn’t wait for him to leave. Today was overkill.

This time he came with the express purpose of talking to me. Bly saw him coming but was stuck aft working on a stuncil.

I felt sick to my stomach the moment I saw him. But it was too late. He was sitting down.

So I said something about coast guard regulations and that he had to back up. He protested mildly. Then asked me what I would do if I caught a fish. I told him we hadn’t caught a fish. But if you did?, he pressed.

“Sushi,” I answered, hoping that he would not ask how to make sushi. But he did.

I was flustered, trying to concentrate on getting the washing done so I could do my grocery run and hoping short answers would make him leave. Not in the least.

“I have a great picture of you in the galley,” he said. “You look really cute. I’d love to email it to you. What’s your email?”


“I’m off the grid,” I said. “No email.”

“So what’s that hole in front of you, on the other side of the galley? Where does that lead?”

“The fo’c’sle,” I said, “where the deckhands sleep.”

“Is that where you sleep?” Then he corrected himself, “No, that

‘s right. You sleep down below here.”

I wanted to barf.

“What’s your name?”

That was it. I did not want to tell him my name.

I called out to Mr. Pink, who was going to drive me to the store to do my provisioning. I walked over to him and told him I wanted to leave – now. We were out the door within ten minutes. I forgot to tell Cap we were leaving and ask for the credit cards – I even forgot the grocery list!

There’s only one other time that I’ve been so discomfited by someone. I told the story to Mr. Pink on the way to the store, and later to Bly.

I think Captain Flash thought I’d gone a little loony.

Bly said he’d take care of it and make sure to show the guy off the boat if he returned.


Thursday’s Menu
Dutch Baby with fresh-cut strawberries
Build-your-own sandwich with leftover chicken, lettuce, a cucumber raita, couscous salad, and more.
Amazing Texas brisket; carrots baked with brown sugar, salt and cinnamon; macaroni and cheese made like carbonara with cheddar; salad with dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and Asiago cheese; brown bread.
Mr. Pink bought dessert – ice cream – hurrah!

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  1. Make sure you have a large knife with you next time he is on deck and wave it around. Also, tell him your mother has a black belt in karate and your father is a lawyer who puts people away for life for being creeps.

  2. trisha is right… can get some real looneys on board a ship…always watch your back and yell for crew if need be! They will always protect the COOK!(no matter what they are doing)
    It can feel really creepy to have someone invade the galley and not have a way out.
    You done real good!(large wooden spoons are also very useful if you do not want to wave sharp objects)

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