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Harrison putting up our last flag over Savannah.
Harrison putting up our last flag over Savannah.

Today was our last full day in Savannah and the crew was off, with the exception of Harrison, who had watch duty. Mom and Dad took Eve and I to Home Depot and Target. Best purchase? Liquid band-Aids. Immediately all the gashes in the calluses of my hands sealed up and stopped hurting. Who knew? Eve says she knows a cook who swears by it. Later, at the kitchen store, I told them they should sell it at the cash register.

For lunch Mom and Dad took me to Clary’s – a diner famous for being in the movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and for being around since 1903. I ordered a hamburger and chocolate malt and enjoyed the privilege of having someone else cook for me for a change.

After lunch we walked around, shopped, ate ice cream at Leopold’s, hung out on a bench in Forsyth Park, toured the Other Tall Ship in town (the one with the retractable swim platform/former helicopter landing pad), and then moseyed our way to dinner. It was a lovely day and the perfect send-off, since tomorrow we set sail for Wilmington, NC.

When I got back to the boat after my adventures with my folks, I found a bottle of grain alcohol, a bag of lemons and an old pickle jar on my counter. And a message from Smith, a business card with two symbols on the back: a question mark and a smiley face. I got the message loud and clear. It’s time to make limoncello!

And I will. But not tonight. Since we depart tomorrow, there is much to be done. I am planning to clean out our stove before we leave in the morning (I turned it off earlier today) and re-start it… by far my favorite thing to do on the Marlin! I anticipate some safety training in the morning and I really hope to get a quick run in.