Posted on: January 3, 2017 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

I’m hurriedly trying to publish a few posts and catch you up on what’s been happening because we are leaving for the Bahamas at 4 am tomorrow morning. Greg is snoring beside me after watching a few last YouTube videos about what the crossing will be like.

We had a less than ideal day at sea today, transitting from No Name to Pumpkin Key. The wind was on our nose so we were forced to motor the 20+ miles. Still, no one got seasick, two dolphins escorted us out of Biscayne Bay, and we saw flying fish, a Portuguese man-o-war and pelicans. Sometimes it takes someone from far away to remind you how great we have it.

“I can’t believe the water color,” Chris kept saying. “I feel like I’m hallucinating.”

When I write to you next, we will have crossed the gulf stream and landed in another country, and I’m guessing we will all feel a bit like we’re hallucinating. Or at least living the dream.