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Sunrise at Two Harbors, Catalina.

I can only imagine the scoffing and berating I would receive at the hands of my former shipmates for willingly – indeed happily – dressing up as a pirate last weekend. During the six months I spent on the Marlin, we exhausted ourselves trying to demythologize the glamour of pirates and get the general public to clue in to the fact that the sailors were the good guys. It was a losing battle (thanks, Johnny Depp).

If you can’t beat ’em
So when my friend Amy said I should hurry up and get to L.A. in time to sail to Catalina for Buccaneer Day, I naturally spent a morning scouring the stores of Grandville, Michigan, for pirate gear and booked my flight. I arrived on Wednesday night and by noon on Thursday we were underway, speeding along at 6 knots toward an island we couldn’t see 20+ miles out in the Pacific.

Prior to our departure my friends Amy and Becca and I headed to Ralph’s to provision for the trip. There was no meal plan. Over bagels and coffee, I cobbled something together – but totally forgot about snacks. Not to worry, Becca said, she had brought pistachios. Several miles in Amy and I cried out for snacks and the pistachios materialized. Much to our chagrin, they were salt-free.

“Who buys saltless pistachios?” our captain scoffed. We arrived tired and hungry, and after securing our mooring we dove into a make-shift meal of turkey sausage in pita pockets with grilled veggies and tzatziki sauce. It wasn’t the best meal I’d ever thrown together – but after six hours of sailing, it sure tasted like it.

Tony’s Pistacheries
The next day I decided to save the pistachios from going rancid in the cupboard by tossing them with olive oil and a little butter in the skillet and dusting them with Tony Chachere’s New Orleans spice mix. It was the perfect pre-pirating snack.