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Where to get High on Sushi

It all began simply enough, with a small salad of thinly shaved onions, tiny bits of octopus, fish and seaweed, lightly seasoned with rice wine vinegar. I was poured an overflowing glass of ice cold sake, the overflow falling over the glass into a lacquered box. I gasped and the woman pouring smiled. It was sweet and smooth. I’ve never been a sake fan. I am now. Allen and I…

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A Brief Love Affair

For me, Istanbul has always had an allure. I could say that this is because Turkey is where east meets west. Or because they have a uniquely liberated take on Islam. I could say it is because it sits on one of “the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world.” But it’s really because someone once told me that in Turkey there are whole markets where all they sell are…

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Poking around Prague

Everyone told us: there’s no good food in Prague, and they were mostly right. But we sure did our damnedest to try and find some!