My second boat was a 127-foot schooner with only 14 berths. Though we had our ups and downs, our sometimes-ragtag sometimes-professional crew became my family. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t miss them.

The Cast/Crew, in order of appearance:
Eve, our beloved and kind-hearted engineer
Bly, our first gunner, future FBI agent
Rigby, our first purser and gunner, klutz and casanova
Kip, our first bosun, who knew to sleep facing forward
Smith, our faithful first mate/bosun who kept us on our toes
Captain Bill, the relief captain when I got onboard
Harrison, a romantic and naturalist, he was first coxswain, then bosun
Captain Flash, our excellent and amazing head captain
Seth #2, first mate on several transits, lifelong ocean nomad
Jane, good-natured and goofy, was with us briefly as first mate
Captain Dashing, knight of the seas, our part-time captain
Neb, deckhand, then coxswain and gunner, who hugged me for making quiche
Chip, a volunteer deckhand, poet and historian
Straus, our tattooed and earringed sailor and purser
Buttons, our social butterfly and no-longer-New-Girl, who took over as gunner and coxswain when Neb left
Butler, an 18-year-old volunteer who never stopped laughing
Deutsch, a bona-fide deckhand and our assistant engineer
J-bird, our volunteer/passenger from Marquette to Chicago
Captain Smiley, the last and final captain for the duration of my time on the Marlin
Mouse, a volunteer deckhand who boarded in Chicago
Burns, the first mate starting in Chicago

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