In 2009, I found myself living on a boat in the Los Angeles harbor.

It didn’t take long before I fell in love with sailing. While out on the water one day, I made an off-hand remark to a friend that I only felt at happy when I was writing, cooking or sailing. “You should get a job as a cook on a schooner,” my friend suggested. I thought he was crazy. Then he started sending me links to cook positions on the ASTA website. For the next year or so, I chronicled my adventures on those boats under the pseudonym of “sea cook.” You can check out that old blog here: Sea Cookery, but you can also read about my experiences here on The Neverland and The Marlin. After that I worked a few short trips on other tall ships, and then spent a year working off and on for a private yacht. Now I’m finally cooking for myself and my hubby aboard our own vessel, Lemonade. Follow along here, or contact us about coming along on a real sail!