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I got to sleep in our hotel room last night. This was a treat. I got all my stuff together and went upstairs, laid down on the bed. At some point later in the evening, the captain came by to pick up his necessaries, and asked if I was decent. I was fully dressed, and fast asleep.

This morning I went for my run while a sour cream coffee cake baked in the oven – and overflowed the 8×8 pan! These are the sorts of amateur errors the crew forgives me for.

Then the mayor picked me up and took me out to breakfast. I’d been dying to ask her a few questions ever since she sailed with us from Ogdensburg. I’d been really busy on the sail, first restarting Ol’ Dies the night she arrived, and later getting breakfast and then lunch ready. I wanted to know if politics were different in a small town. “Oh yes,” she said. “Everyone knows you. And they all have an opinion.”

She also talked about how much work it was – that she was basically never not working.

My first filet mignon in ages.
My first filet mignon in ages.

Later, she mentioned in the course of a story that she thought everyone in town had her cell phone number. Goodness, I thought. No wonder she’s constantly working. Even in a town this small, can you imagine everyone having an opinion AND your cell phone number?

After breakfast she dropped me off at the grocery store, instructing me to have the desk staff there give her a call when I needed to be picked up. Only in a small town.

Another Night Off
On the original schedule, I was slotted to have tonight’s sail off. But as it turned out, I’ve had almost every sail “off” – though for me this just means that I’m not on the boat. I still have to get the meals out.

During the sails, I’ve spent a lot of time at a place called Bella’s, using the internet, drinking a glass of wine and just getting away from the boat. Tonight I ate dinner here, a watermelon and cucumber salad with tzatziki; and a filet mignon on a crab cake. The server also brought out a delicious cheddar cheese bread. The filet was perfectly cooked and a real treat, since I can never afford to buy high-end cuts of meat for the crew.

When I get back I’m making them individual calzones and a caprese salad. As long as the huge amount of pizza dough doesn’t bloom all over my bunk… on second thought, maybe that wasn’t the best place to put it…

The mayor’s strawberry shortbread.

Monday’s Menu
Sour cream coffee cake
Caprese salad
The mayor dropped by with fresh strawberries, homemade shortbread and real whipped cream… I heard one of the boys cry, “Re-elect!”

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  1. Enjoy your last day in Clayton. It is a great small town! What the mayor said is very true, even if you are a teacher, parent,etc, everyone knows you, your kids and has an opinion. It can be overwhelming but also makes you feel like people care (if you look at it that way!)
    Take time to see some of the sights in Rochester…the Kodak museum and some of the amazing buildings done in the Arts and Craft, Art Deco style. The Eastman School of Music has some wonderful offerings also.

  2. Mamma Smith, you are sooo right. What a beautiful part of the world. I’ll definitely always have a soft spot in my heart for this place.

    Mom, they were amazing. We will have to try replicating them when I get home.

  3. Thank you so much for coming to eat! It was nice to have some fellow foodies in town! See you next time.

    Chef Gabe Aubertine, Bella’s

  4. Absolutely, Gabe. I really enjoyed Bella’s, and used your cheddar bread for our lunch on the first day of our transit to Rochester. Oh, and by the way, Clayton is way more hip than here. -Cole

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