On the deck of the “Like Wow.”

American Sailing Association Certification basic coastal cruising

Experience (8500+ nm)
Approx. 2150 nm of sailing as chef/crew aboard an 80-foot Swan, Antigua-St. Maartens-St. Barths-Grenadines;  Antigua-Tortola; Panama-Costa Rica-Cocos-Galapagos (2013-14)

Approx. 3450 nm as cook aboard a 122-foot clipper schooner, Savannah-Duluth  (2010-11)

Approx. 1550 nm as cook aboard a 137-foot schooner, Boston-Bermuda-St. Croix (2010)

Approx. 90 hours as skipper of self-chartered vessels:
– aboard a 27-foot Albin Vega in the Swedish archipelago
– aboard a Catalina 360 in Long Beach
– aboard a Catalina 280 in Marina del Rey
– aboard a Catalina 280 in Redondo Beach
– aboard a Catalina 340 in Marina del Rey

Approx. 100 hours as skipper of my grandfather’s boat (27-ft. Newport)

Approx. 600 hours as crew
– with ABC Segelskolan in Sweden (aboard a 9-meter vessel)
– with the Sierra Club’s sailing division aboard a 35-ft. vessel and aboard a 38-ft. Hunter (approx. 127)
– on a 27-ft. Nor’ Sea (approx. 38 nm)
– aboard the Ericsson 4, Volvo Ocean Race Boat
– with a friend on her Catalina 340, Ellie Cat, off Marina del Rey, including one trip to Catalina and back (60 nm); one trip to San Diego and back via Catalina both ways (approx. 176 nm); a trip from Dana Point to San Diego (approx. 60); two day cruises around San Diego; and several day trips around Marina del Rey
– on a friend’s mini Transat 6.5 in the Swedish archipelago
– on a friend’s Ericsson 27 in Marina del Rey – three trips to Catalina (one circumnavigation of the island), one to Malibu and many afternoon and evening sails – approx. 350 nm)

Approx. 30 hours of lessons with Blue Water Sailing and Marina Sailing

Approx. 30-40 hours aboard a Hobycat

Hundreds of hours on a motorboat (water-skiing or driving skiers and tubers)

Races & Regattas
– aboard a Lagoon 400 catamaran from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas as part of the 2012 Baja Ha-ha (approx. 703 nm)
– racing on a Olson 30, on at least five Wednesday night races in Marina del Rey; one race on a Santana 30; and four races on a Martin 242
– sailed on a Catalina 34 in the Channel Islands-Marina Del Rey race, 2013 (approx. 46 nm)

Crises I’ve managed at sea
– Sheets twisted around the propeller
– A hose came off of a through-valve leaking water into the hull
– Engine failure
– Managing the boat in 40+ knots of wind
– Ran out of gas while at sea

Repairs I’ve made
– Replaced bilge pump
– Tightened tension on stays and shrouds
– Replaced back stay, spreader lights and spreader caps
– Fixed broken safety lines
– Sewn holes in the sail
– Created makeshift solutions for poor rigging and reefing on a chartered vessel
– Bled engine lines of trapped air
– Replaced battery charger

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