Photo credit: Lindsay Ritchie

Served on the charcuterie jury for Sweden’s Artisanal Food Awards (SM in Mathantverk 2014)

Seasonal sailboat chef onboard an 80-foot Swan (2013-14)
Cooked for the crew and a family of eight on three separate trips, ranging from ten days to three weeks, including off-shore voyages and island hopping

January 2014
Cooked at one pop-up and catered one private party in L.A.

August 2013
Cook onboard the tall ship I call “The Adventurer
Cooked for a crew of 10-17 during the San Diego Festival of Sail

March 2013
Joined the crew of a celebrity chef
Cooked for a wedding of a Top Chef producer in Palm Springs

January 2013
Cook at a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles
Helped a friend cook during his week at a pop-up with rotating chefs; helped a former Top Chef contestant during his week at the same pop-up.

March 2012 – June 2012
General Manager of a Brooklyn cheese shop 
The owners hired me to increase their profitability. I did so by restructuring the schedule and changing the way we received product. Margins increased by 4-6% from the second week I was there.

March 2011 – August 2011
Cook onboard the boat I call “The Marlin
Prepared three meals daily for 7-14 crew members, with special meals for one vegetarian. We sailed from Savannah, Georgia, to Duluth, Minnesota. Budget: $6 per person, per day.

November 2010 – March 2011
Roundsman at a now-defunct three-star restaurant in Manhattan
I helped friends open up their second restaurant. As roundsman, I worked in the kitchen as a prep cook, and at the garde manger and hot apps stations. I also worked as a food runner, hostess and server. Unfortunately the restaurant closed in December 2011.

October 2010 – November 2010
Cook onboard the boat I call “The Neverland” in these pages

Cooked two meals a day for a crew of 12 while on the rails in Gloucester. Cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack and often an afternoon snack for a crew of 18 during the transit from Boston to St. Croix. At least six crew members were vegetarians. The budget was $5.50 per person per day.

June 2009 – October 2010
I started my own catering company and catered parties and dinners for up to 50 people.

May 2009
Intern at a wine and cheese bar in Manhattan
I shadowed the owner to get an overview of managing a service operation – from inventory to payroll, from working in the kitchen to working as a server and host.

Other relevant experience
For brief periods I have worked in the kitchens of friends’ restaurants in Stockholm and Los Angeles.