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Morning outside Marquette.

Sometime in the morning we arrived in the waters outside Marquette and just drifted, hove-to (our sails set to opposite tacks, therefor effectively stalling the boat). It was a stunning place to heave to. If I’m using too many adjectives lately like “lovely” and “gorgeous” and “stunning,” it’s because it is. The campaign ads aren’t a lie. (Michigan is known for having dropped millions of dollars on its Yes, Michigan! campaign at a time when employment rates were skyrocketing, schools were closing, etc.) And despite the bad economy, if it weren’t for the flies and the mosquitos and the nine months of winter, sure, I’d move here. In a heartbeat. 

Off in the distance, in the direction of Marquette, the Argo was anchored, both of us biding our time until the 6 PM arrival. Cap gave the sailors a chance to sleep until lunch, while I continued cooking, making brownies for later, and apple cinnamon granola (because Cap actually came in after breakfast and asked if we had any granola… and heck, I’d been meaning to make some…).

Jalepeno jack biscuits.

One for all, and all for one
Otherwise, today I decided that I was probably not ever going to please Cap, no matter how hard I tried. And as Neb once charmingly said, “If you cook to please only one of us, the rest of us would be bored to tears.”

So I made Navajo tacos, knowing she hadn’t tried my fry bread last time… but the rest of the crew went nuts over it. 

After lunch we had a man overboard drill, then the sailors sailed and sailed all afternoon until we made our arrival, alongside the Argo. Crowds of people lined the pier to welcome us. I love that when that happens. I just look out the window, and wish I’d been one of those kids when I was little. I wish I’d had a window into this world back then. 

Taco fixings.

Since we don’t reset our clocks until a transit is over, it was late indeed when we finally finished work on Friday evening, but both crews were out en masse at the local Irish pub. (I wore the shirt I got in Newport that says, “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl.”) We drank beer. A girl from the Argo bought us a round of coffee liqueur shots. (For some reason I couldn’t understand her when she introduced herself the first time and thought she said, “Firebreath,” though I knew that just couldn’t be it…) But mostly we just sat there, Eve, Harrison and I, looking like we were the most boring people in the place – totally exhausted, but making a good show of it. 

I knew 6 AM was going to hit me like a freight train.

Friday’s Menu
Jalapeno Jack Biscuits 
Scrambled eggs with toasted cumin seed
Navajo tacos, ie., tacos on fry bread
Black beans
Leftover pulled pork, re-cooked in coke with cinnamon
And all the etceteras
Mu shoo pork (A for effort; B for results)

Our fair ship, hove to.