Posted on: May 31, 2011 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

Captain Flash came in with bananas, saying, ” I know this is unorthodox.” So I made bananas from her stash tonight. Captain Dashing warned that we’d hit six foot seas tomorrow on the other side of the Strait of Canso. I should prep tonight, he said. So I did, a bit. And I made bran muffins for breakfast. But it’s supposed to be following seas. I think that it’s going to be messier on deck than in the galley, but you never know.

The TSA asked me to not wear socks in the galley today. I like wearing socks when I work, especially in the morning. I often roll out of bed and don’t even think about footwear, or the fact that I just put an apron on top my pajamas. Sometimes in Wilmington, I wouldn’t realize it until muster… then you just start to feel silly standing there in pink velour track pants.

Tuesday’s Menu
Biscuits and gravy
Wraps with brisket and mashed potatoes, and canned clam chowder which did not go over all that well
I made black bean chili with vegetables over rice and parker house rolls. Rigby ate four!