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I love this picture of Rigby from our ride in an antique boat in Clayton, NY. 
Sis took my photo in the galley.

Rigby’s last day snuck up on us the way last days seem to do. You’re aware it’s coming, you know it’s soon, and then, boom. It hits you. The last of my boys from the original crew to leave the Marlin. (Though Harrison is coming back, so that lessens the loss a little.) Still, I teared up. My emotions surprised me, since he’d been a bit of pain off and on for the past few weeks. He was leaving, and he knew it. But he was still our Rigby. I felt like Wendy in Peter Pan, when she decides to take all the Lost Boys back to her parents, because…well, she couldn’t well leave them in Neverland, could she?

Rigby had made a special request to have Swedish meatballs for lunch. I had to make a run to the store just to get ground beef, as I had used the last of it to make hamburgers (I was afraid it would go bad). I guess I didn’t make them quite right – not the way IKEA makes them, apparently, although they sure tasted like Swedish meatballs to me… and I should know, right??? But he politely ate them and thanked me for lunch all the same.

The poor New Girl, who I’d named Butler long before she came, showed up just as Rigby was leaving. It must’ve been a strange moment – when you arrive you expect a little fanfare (at least I did), but we were all focused on saying our good-byes.

Family Hour

My niece and nephew pay me a visit.

The day continued to be a little off. Our afternoon sail was cancelled because so few people had signed up.

Later that evening my parents, some old family friends, my sister and her kids all came to visit. My folks live about an hour north by car. Our location was so obscure that our family friends actually walked past the boat without seeing her!

I showed my sister around, and my little nephew and niece got to check out my bunk. I finished putting dinner on the table, then headed off with my entourage to the Real Seafood Co. for a martini (hurrah!), a half dozen oysters, and a big bowl of gazpacho.

Friday’s Menu
Dutch Baby
Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pickled cucumbers
Tacos carnitas for the crew

Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and pickled cukes.