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Vietnamese pate sandwich, banh mi

It was only a matter of time before my iPhone fell out of my pocket. Splash. Into the St. Lawrence. It’s rather amazing, with as much as I get on and off boats, that it hadn’t happened sooner. I woke up this morning frustrated. I planned to make pate for the vietnamese sandwich, the banh mi, but the recipes were in my phone… twenty feet down.

I ran to the coffee shop, pulled the pages up on my browser and ran back to the ship – only to have the browser suddenly shut down. Ah, technology.

Eventually, it all worked out, though. And the sandwiches were delicious. Neb gave me a hug. (Though you should’ve seen the squinched up faces of the people touring the boat when they asked what it was… thank goodness my crew doesn’t share their hesitation). “I love you guys,” I said to Eve and Rigby today. Because they always thank me and say how good the food is, and that just makes me want to make more. “We can tell,” Eve answered.

Fish fry at the 1,000 Islands Inn; Strauss catches me taking a photo.
Other than baking french bread buns and pate and making a special marinated and fried tofu for Eve, I spent the day defrosting the freezer and cleaning the black mold out of the water pitchers, and all the other fun things that a day in the galley is composed of. I was all set to make tacos for dinner, when Cap announced that the Thousand Islands Inn where he’s been staying were offering to throw us a fish fry tonight. Hurrah! I can’t wait.

Because I depend on my phone to make posts, if you don’t hear from me for a while, you can start checking the lakeshore for bottles. Old School.

Sunday’s Menu
Dutch baby
Banh mi
Fish fry

The St. Lawrence, just before she ate my phone.