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Chip, last seen by the stern of the ship.

Our schedule here so far has been pretty hectic. Right after breakfast Chip headed off into the misty rain. He was with us three weeks, impressing us with his knowledge of historical events and adding his good humour to the mix. He was a good eater, too. But then so is most of the crew. Before P1 left yesterday, he and his wife joined us for lunch. In a quiet moment, when I was clearing the table, P1 said, “I don’t think these guys know what they have.” “Oh,” I said, “I think they do.” Chip was one of those who thanked me after almost every meal.

After muster Captain Dashing said he’d arranged for Jason of the Argonauts to take his cook and I provisioning. While waiting for our ride, their cook, Klaus, and I talked shop. I saw poptarts and Cheerios and milk – probably four gallons. I don’t have any milk drinkers onboard. I guess if I did, I’d freeze quarts of it, and defrost them. A gallon won’t even fit in my fridge. But it’s a huge cost and I love not having to deal with it. Klaus gzve me an idea for using chard in scrambled eggs, and inspired me to try tiki masala again. It just wasn’t a hit last time… He had filled two carts and I filled one. The old sedan we used was pretty heavy loaded when we left Wegman’s.

In order to take Sunday off, I need to make all the meals ahead of time, so I made most of Saturday’s food today. Plus we had a daysail from 5-7; dinner from 7:10-7:25; and then another evening sail and boat parade after that. I’m whooped.

But it’s raining again. I like the sound of the rain on the cabin top and the deck. And tomorrow our only passenger to Toledo arrives. And he happens to be my guest, so I may call him something other than P1. I have an alternate name pending good behavior.

Cap’s plate, one sloppy chicken Joe upside down.

Friday’s Menu
Sausage, ham, beet, potato, onion and goat cheese hash with baked eggs in muffin tins
Tacos with leftover fried rice, black beans and taco meat
Sloppy joes, sloppy chicken, corn salsa (like a chow chow), beans and caramelized onions and a fruit salad