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Neb and Deutsch prepare for their day off.

This was kind-of a crazy day: breakfast on the table at 7:30, at which point I headed out for a half hour run before muster. Got back, super sweaty, and figured I’d clean the stove while I was dirty and shower afterwards. The shower never happened. By the time I knew it, I was baking bread and couldn’t leave. Lunch was scheduled for 1 pm with dinner at 5, which makes for a very tight turn-around. I actually laid down in my bunk and set my alarm for a ten minute nap around 4 pm and … I slept!

I was beat.

Now I sit here typing, newly showered. I am in the half-sun, half-shade of the library getting free wi-fi, so I’m typing on a real keyboard for once.

What luxury.

I got kicked off the sail this afternoon, which enabled me to walk down to the beach for the first time. I can’t believe I waited so long to get down to the water here. It’s stunning. As I was sitting there I saw the boat coming in, and I ran down the beach (with laptop in tow) to cheer her arrival. Overhearing the people around me as they talked about her, I corrected them and proudly gave them accurate information. There’s something about seeing her from a distance, from the outside, as others see her… Sometimes you forget you’re living and working on a thing of  beauty.

Sandwiches for lunch. 

As her carronades went off, I hollered, “Is that all you got?” Later, Harrison told me he heard me, and had seen me running down the beach.

“I’d know that run anywhere,” he said. Which made me rather self-conscious about my running… erm.. style.

Our new captain arrived today, Captain Smiley. I met him back in Newport, and so far I think I’m going to love him as a captain, though I will miss having a woman at the top. I always thought that was bad-ass.

Bibimbap became a crew favorite tonight.

Friday’s Menu

Coffee cake
Sandwiches on homemade wheat bread
The community band was playing when I walked 
back from the showers.

Kids on the swings at sunset.
Walk along the beach.