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New guy, Neb, and P2 & P1, magnanimous fellows.

Although we were supposed to leave today for Lunenburg, at muster we learned we probably would be delayed another day. There were thunderstorms on the horizon and a new martingale yet to be installed. 

At dawn the temperature was in the 60s. I got up around 5:30 and took a run around Marblehead. I wish it had been like that the entire length of our stay. The town is so picturesque. I ran to the end of the peninsula, where there’s a fort. It was so lovely out there that I decided to run around the fort several times. Then I ran back along the water, with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” playing on my iPod.

Let the Lobster Roll
Sometime mid-morning our passengers, P1 and P2 came anyway and stayed with us on the boat that night. After lunch they said they’d love to treat the crew to dinner. But not just any dinner: they wanted to treat us to lobster! I said I’d make some Parker House Rolls. I was going to make chicken pot pies with the leftover chicken, but could easily delay that if lobster were to arrive. And it did – along with coleslaw, potato salad, watermelon and 18 ears of corn on the cob, which I sat on the dock and shucked into a paper bag – just like when I was a kid. We feasted that night. The lobster was by far the best I’ve ever had. Eve and Harrison and I were the slowest at the table, so determined were we to get every bit of meat out. I kept sighing throughout the meal. I was in heaven.
They also brought desserts, but I don’t think anyone dug into them for a while. 
After dinner I made stock with the lobster shells that P2 had culled for me. Then Eve and I headed off on a quick trip to the market as a massive bank of black thunderclouds rolled in. When we got back, half the crew were sprawled out on the cabin tops, watching the lightning crack and picking out shapes in the cloud formations.
Lobster, lobster, lobster. Amazing.
Tuesday’s Menu
Dutch Baby with apple compote
Sandwich buffet with my fetasmic cous cous salad
Amazing lobster feast (see above) – and I forgot to mention that they also brought smoked bluefish
Treats from a local bakery