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As we went through the Welland Canal, this thought kept reoccurring: How many people get to experience this? The Welland is the lock system that skirts Niagra Falls, allowing boats to continue upriver to Lake Eerie. They are essentially a set of massive doors that close you in. Then the lockmaster floods the space between them, and lets you out on the other side. While the water rushes in, Cap calls out the orders to release or increase strain on our lines.

We’d been through other locks, but these made the others look like kids’ stuff. The crew joked that we were entering Mordor. Over and over again.

It can be a stressful day. You might lose a spud in the cracks in the walls of the locks. And there’s a lot of strain on the lines. But we went through lickety split.

Monday’s Menu

Ham and eggs and toasted slices of french bread leftover from Sunday’s meals, and blueberry crisp – which was soupy, but excellent on yogurt
Falafel with pitas, tatziki, corn salsa and all kinds of fixins
Afternoon snack
I had thrown the cake away around midnight, not having the energy to cut it into pieces and transfer it to a plate – and wanting the gigantic box out of my space, but half the crew kept asking me, “Where’s the cake?” So I made them something better: amaretto cupcakes with chocolate icing and candied almonds on top. Uh-huh.
As we waited to go through the last lock, I walked around with smoothies made from leftover blueberry crisp, strawberries and bananas
Eggplant parmesan and chicken picatta

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