Posted on: November 22, 2010 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

If you saw my Facebook post last night around 3 am, you know that we arrived in heavy winds, with our sails single-reefed and quite a lot of speed. It was dramatic. Just as the captain woke the crew for all hands on deck, it started to pour. The crew was soaked within a minute. As we came in closer to the island, the seas and wind calmed down but the direction of the wind changed and we jibed the foresail (which is the middle sail between the jumbo and the mainsail). I watched from the galley as the crew secured the massive swinging boom. They were impressive, I thought, how fast they reacted to the order and how well they worked together.

For lunch I made coleslaw and wraps. I broiled eggplant and fennel and used lunchmeat for the meat eaters, then spread cream cheese on the wraps and a homemade roasted red pepper mayonnaise. Then we all got to take off on our own for the day – a welcome reward. There is a ton I want to tell about the trip from Bermuda, but it will have to wait. Laundry and a stiff drink are calling me!