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Motor-sailing to Wilmington.
Motor-sailing to Wilmington.

I made my first real gaffe in the blog and accidentally deleted the entry for this day. That’s what I get for working on it at midnight. I fell asleep typing several times. So in an attempt to recall that day…

We entered the shipping lanes early in the morning. The winds were still up so much that Cap said we probably could’ve sailed up the river rather than motored – but we had to be there at a specific time in accordance with our planned Grand Arrival.

It was a Grand arrival of sorts – we exchanged a cannon salute with a guy onshore who really got into it, with period-garb and such. The Fire Department came out on their boat, looking like a giant fountain as they spritzed us with their hoses. And when we got to the dock, it was lined with people.

Unfortunately, the dock was not lined with fenders. Nor was it floating. So we had quite a challenging time trying to protect the wooden hull and match it up with the pilings, taking into account the changing tides. Smith did a very good job keenly assessing the scenario and insisting on small alterations that paid off down the line.

I had to come out and help with fenders as we docked,but managed to put together a sandwich buffet in between activities. It was the first Build-Your-Own meal I’d put together I think, and it was a big hit. They really loved all the odd toppings and customized as they saw fit.

Rigby, enjoying his sandwich.
Rigby, enjoying his sandwich.

I can’t recall much of that night, except that we were exhausted. A volunteer picked us up after dinner and escorted us to our hotel, which was nine miles away. Seven of us packed into his minivan and took a little over two hours to shower. While everyone else showered, I typed this entry… though little good it did me, since I promptly deleted it. Trying to piece things together a few days later, I needed the help of three of my fellow crew members to remember what I made! Just think: it’s my job – I spend hours on it.. yet they can recall it better than I. Perhaps this is age-related?

Thursday’s Menu
Dutch baby with apple compote
LunchHam sandwich buffet, with lettuce, green apple slices, blue cheese, caramelized onions and more though I can’t remember all what)
Ham and scalloped potatoes with salad and cornbread
Chocolate cupcakes

Bly, who our gunner, calling out as he lights the next round of shot.
Bly, who our gunner, calling out as he lights the next round of shot.