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Chubby Hubby Blondie, post-rapture.
Chubby Hubby Blondie, post-rapture.

Tomorrow is one of the most talked about days in my short history aboard the Marlin.

There is a boat in the tall ship world that has more mythic proportions than the others. It’s been under the command of the same man for many years, and this man has god-like stature among almost every sailor I have met. Let’s make it easy and call him Jason, making his ship the Argo. Naturally, if you want to know how to sail – if you truly have the stuff a tall ship sailor is made of – your goal is to sail on this boat, under this man’s command.

On the flip side, there are the stories of those who don’t make it. Neophytes that can’t throw themselves right in a sweatpile, are afraid of heights, or can’t tie the right knot for the right application. They are forced out. Not so strange. If you can’t be best at what you do, you might as well go play with the other neophytes. Give your sacred space on the Argo to someone who will tie the right knot and climb the shrouds in heavy storms without hesitation.

As would happen, Jason has a protegé. And that man is the man who will begin captaining our ship tomorrow. Captain Flash will step down and become first mate. Ms. Jane, our current mate, will leave for the greener pastures of New Jersey, and Smith will still be our beloved bo’sun.

Stories I’ve heard about our new captain reference his incredible strength, his intolerance of underperformance, his charm, and his knowledge of all things boat-related. He and Captain Flash are close friends.

Tri-berry scones
Tri-berry scones

But I have a feeling they have different leadership styles. Captain Flash runs the ship with a light touch – a distinctly feminine ease. She makes jokes at musters and mealtimes. She doesn’t take up a lot of space unless she needs to – or when she is being funny. It’s the kind of leadership, not of absentia, but of someone who trusts and relies upon her mates. If her leadership were to take a visual form, it would look like concentric circles emanating out around her. I like it. I thrive under this kind of leader. I am not sure how I am going to like a strong, male captain. I’m afraid of him being one of those men who takes his superiority for granted and who likes the sound of his own voice; for whom might makes almost always right; and for whom it’s either their way or the highway. I’m afraid of those concentric circles looking more like one big huge circle emanating from the aft cabin.

You can see why tomorrow is going to be a big day. Tomorrow, everything will change.

Saturday’s Menu
Scones with berries (dried cranberries and currants and frozen blueberries)
Leftover bread pudding
Build your own sandwich, with leftover roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a horseradish cream; bologna and American cheese; brie and fig jam; chicken liver pate and onions
On homemade honey wheat bread
Pork marinated in ginger and soy sauce
Broccoli, zucchini and yellow squash sautéed in the same sauce, but served separately for Eve
Brown rice
Bread in a pot
Tossed salad

Pork wok.
Pork wok.

Chubby Hubby Blondies – So, yesterday was Ms. Jane’s birthday and because of an old memory she shares with Captain Flash, Cap got her all the ingredients for Chubby Hubby: malt balls, pretzels, chocolate, and peanut butter. But it was really not that easy to see what to do with it. So today I googled it, and roughly followed a recipe for it. It turned out a little strange in form/texture (very gooey), but was still enjoyed by all.

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  1. not everyone feels that jason is the god captain and has the one perfect way. im not fond of his style and know plenty of others who dont want anything to do with him. your new captain is suposed to be a pretty good guy though.

  2. Each captain (and crew) take on a personality. That is the joy of being cook……you are part observer,part confidant, and sometimes just crew.
    Go forth into each adventure with an open mind and positive spirit. Make good food and keep a sense of humor and life is good.

  3. Anonymous: I have heard mixed reviews about Jason and his Argonauts, but that’s also why I chose the word myth – because at a certain point stories become so big that no real person/ship/crew could fill their shoes. I’m guessing truth is more complex, as it was even with my own story (like my first tall ship experience).

    And as for attitude,, Mamma Smith, I agree that a positive spirit can get you through anything – I think I’m pretty upbeat… I have actually been hired in the past based on my diplomacy… but that does not mean I would happily work for just anyone. There are certain environments which are toxic, or toxic for some types of people. I don’t thrive under micromanagement, for instance, or strong heirarchies. And that just comes from knowing oneself as you get older – knowing what kind of management makes you tick and what kind doesn’t.

    Fortunately, I think everything’s going to be just fine when it comes to our little band of scalawags. But it could have been otherwise.

  4. AHHH…..that great understanding of self as we mature. A gift and sometimes a curse. I agree that knowing yourself and what works best in management style for you is always important.
    Glad the scalawags will be fine (and you,too!)

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