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At the BBQ thrown for us last night, the constant question we received was, “What are you going to do when you get off the Marlin?”

Several of our crew have other plans in mind other than the sea; Bly is going to work in the intelligence industry and hopefully for someone who appreciates his super-human strength; Harrison is going to work with fish. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do next, but this is the question a career sailor hates. I could just see Kip bulking up his shoulders, inwardly thinking, “Here we go again.” And then answering as he always did, “I’m a tall ship sailor.”

A middle-aged guy at the party talked about managing the IT for a local company that runs background searches through giant databases. No one asked him what he’s going to do next. Maybe we should have.

You never know. People can reinvent themselves. With a little self-marketing and determination.

The only question is really at what point does it become some elaborate con, like the one perpetrated by the man Isabel and I met in Mexico five years ago who tried to convince us he needed a plane ticket home? That he was working for Price Waterhouse on assignment with Ericsson and had been robbed of all his belongings?

At what point does reinvention turn you into someone else? Would you know if you started to fall for your own delusions?

Roll out the red carpet, or, erm, gangway?
This morning when I woke, the sunrise was illuminating the battleship and the bridges across the river, giving the whole scene a kind of floating effect, like they had detached themselves from the rest of the landscape. A flock of gulls few over me in a “W’ shape and as I walked to use the shore head (tourist information booth restroom), I could hear a broken video game erupting in blasts like a broken record. I felt like the Last Starfighter being called into action.

Today the head of our organization is coming for a visit. I will call him The King. This is how it feels – like we are preparing for a royal visit. I’ve got my soles shined; my countertops bleached; my stove up and running; and I’ve prepared two great meals.

View across the river from dock.
View across the river from dock.

Tomorrow (dun-dutta-da!), our regular captain arrives.

And on Tuesday we sail for Beaufort. It’s going to be an exciting few days.

As Ira Glass would say: All this when our program continues. Stay with us.

Wednesday’s Menu
Pitta panne and eggs, over
pasta primavera with salad
NC style BBQ (pulled pork sandwich)
Baked beans; glazed carrots ; asparagus spears with lemon and parm
7-Layer Bars (photos in next post)